PanicGuard Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

PanicGuard Intro

PanicGuard is a truly innovative smartphone application that will help you to be safe from harm, be it domestic, a violent attack, if stalked or simply when you are ...

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For PanicGuard.

LEO Privacy Guard iPhone App Review

LEO Privacy Guard: Keeping You Safe One Suggestion at a Time ...


The app that guides you on what to do in those vital few minutes when you find yourself at a crash scene.

Emergency App

The panic button in your pocket.

BSAFE App Demo

Demo video of B SAFE - video created by team Transformers 5G for Technovation Global Challenge 2014.

Vote for SEVEN in the Smarter App Challenge!

SEVEN email, powered by true push technology, is a smarter way for operators to deliver efficient apps to mobile users.

My Last Wish app - Teaser

We all know that for one who has taken birth, death is certain and inevitable. Every person on this earth lives with a desire, a passion, a motto or a dream ...

The New bSafe You

bSafe turns your smartphone into the ultimate safety device. With the push of one button, you can alert selected contacts that you are in danger and share your ...

allSchedules - Smarter App Challenge

allSchedules: all transport modes, multiple cities, one app - All transport modes: bus, rail, metro, tram and ferry - Multiple cities: ...

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